drawing 001
Drawing nr. 001
installation 001
installation 001
Shape nr. 001 Size 150 cm x 50 to 60 cm Material: leather, fabric, rope. Year 2020
Shape nr. 001
Weaving nr. 003 Material: fabric, leather, canvas, strings canvas. Year: 2016
Weaving nr. 003
Grid nr. 004 Size 120 x80 cm Material acrylic and oil on canvas. Year 2017
Grid nr. 004

I am a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. In my work the used materials and colours are based upon family photo’s, brochures and magazines from the former DDR. Mixed with elements of the Saxon Folklore and inspired by the Neue Leipziger Schule, I research the concept of identity in every work of art I make. Just as a person is coated with layers of experience and rituals that form their identity, my works consists of several layers of materials. Each piece of fabric and each colour has its own memory, atmosphere and value. This way, I try to convey abstract ideas of different aspects of life.

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