Artist statement

Francisca Rosner is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She started out at the Academy for Photography and gradually moved her practice to paintings, sculptures and fiber art.

She continued studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and at Cooper Union in New York. She’s inspired by the way the different laws of nature sculpt ones reality. In her work, she explores underlying mathematical patterns and focuses on exposing the hidden layers of geometrical shapes.

Rosner’s work has been exhibited internationally, eg in Amsterdam, New York and Italy. She has received grants from AFK, Sandberg and Erasmus.

Rosner’s main focus is her exploration or the aforementioned mathematical patterns. These patterns explain abstract facts from reality, and by visualizing them in paintings, Rosner raises questions concerning the different perceptions of reality. By analyzing the equations – as a form – she searches for ways to look beyond the projected reality as defined by maths and physics.

This visualization results in almost transcendental, layered paintings with subtle and less subtle contrasts in color and form. The layering is an essential part of her practice that is also noticeable in her sculptures and fiber art. Just as a person is coated with layers of experience and rituals that form their identity, the art works consist of several layers of paint. Each color has its own value, atmosphere and associations. Displaying them together in a specific order adds a unique experience and perspective to understanding the reality shown by the mathematical pattern.

Video nr. 002 Dimensions 30 x 30 cm Materials: video, jumping rope, embroidered dress Year 2020 This work has been awarded by Small Pleasures Project in the UK. By Evelyn Albrow, Owen Bennett and Jack Howe for DINA
2020. Give us a GIF. Small Pleasures Project. Sheffield - UK.