Artist statement & Biografie

Visual artist Francisca Rosner lives and works in Amsterdam. Her practice gradually transitioned from photography to paintings and sculptures after she initially began as a photographer. Her art reflects her interest in interdisciplinary subjects. She uses the knowledge she gains in one medium to move forward in the other. In doing so, she straddles several mediums and bravely encounters the limitations of the various materials she incorporates into her artwork.

Her inspiration comes from the way that various natural laws shape people’s realities. She aims to reveal the hidden layers of geometrical shapes while also exploring underlying mathematical patterns in her work. As a result, the artworks are layered, almost transcendental, with subtle and not-so-subtle color and form contrasts. For the spectator, these contrasting elements offer a variety of viewpoints. At the heart of Rosner’s work is the idea of identity. She explores a broad range of philosophical, scientific, and mathematical themes, weaving them into her own personal narrative and background.

She uses layering extensively, and her fiber art and sculptures both exhibit this technique. The art works are made up of many layers of paint or fiber, just like a person is covered in layers of experience and rituals that help to define who they are. Each color has a distinct value, ambiance, and associations. Understanding the reality revealed by the mathematical pattern adds a unique experience and perspective when they are presented together in a particular order.

By presenting the distinctive and varied representations of the self, Rosner aims to explore the complexity of identity, both internally and externally. These depictions are created with an eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the various forms identity can take, from small societal groups to more significant individual features. Rosner aspires to push the boundaries of visual expression in her work, producing pieces that are both exquisite and thought-provoking. Her work captures the complexity of our world in a singular and alluring way by examining the intersection of identity, mathematics, and the natural world.

Francisca Rosner (b. 1967, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions include Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven in 2019, Older exhibitions and project were 5×5 Small Art, Zoetermeer in 2015; a project with Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam Radio Rood; the Art fair: Art Amsterdam; a project with Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; an exhibition in Museum voor Volkenkunde, Nijmegen The Cultural Body and at Artspace W139 Nivea Amsterdam.

Between 2010 and 2020, she focused primarily on her creative business and educational institute Art and the City, fusing her knowledge of creativity and education, with a keen business sense. The focus has now returned to her art practice since she picked it up again in 2020. Her goals include re-entering the art world, re-building her portfolio, and establishing a daily routine for producing art.


Francisca Rosner